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Since 1983 Transfo. Industry designs and manufactures
transformers and systems to the needs of industry and research.

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total satisfaction of our customers is our first motivation.

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TRANSFO. Industrie brings its expertise in transformers for the study and manufacture of electrical equipment.

Moyens d'Essais Haute Tension

High Voltage Test Equipment

Power Supplies and Transformers

Basse Tension

Low Voltage – High Current

Test benches and low-voltage components

Combines Haute Tension

Combined High Voltage and High Current Test Benches

High Voltage and Strong Current Testing

Alimentations Spécifiques

Specific Components Power Supplies

Physical, Chemical or Mechanical Process

Diviseurs Haute Tension

High Voltage Dividers

 Measuring high voltage

Transformateurs d'isolement

High Voltage Insulation Transformer

 Supply low-voltage equipment connected to High Voltage

Sécurité protection

Safety and Protection

Compliance with European Standard EN 50191

Our fields of activity

Cables, manufacturers of electrical components, transformers, isolators, …

Audit and control agencies

Network managers, train manufacturers, railway companies

Public and private laboratories

Cement works, refineries, sewage treatment plants, water treatment

Areas of expertise

High Voltage

High Current

Electrical engineering


Tests and Measurements


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