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Founded in 1983, TRANSFO Industrie’s main activity is to design and manufacture systems and assemblies, the central part of which is : the TRANSFORMER

The company intervenes in the study, the development and the manufacture of specific components such as high-voltage isolation transformers, compensation inductances or current shock chokes but also subsets such as power supplies, transfo-rectifiers, burdens or HV dividers.

And so, based on the strong experience of its staff and collaborators, TRANSFO Industrie is able to propose turnkey solutions for test and measurement machines: dielectric strength testers and their safety cage, automated test benches and associated software , etc.


Electric engineering, electromagnetism, test and measurent, high voltage, high currents, Automatism.



Cable works, electric components manufacturers, transformers, insulators, … Control and certification companies

Railroad and power distribution

Networks administrators, train manufacturers , railroads companies


Public and private Laboratories


Cement works, refineries, water-treatment plants, water treatment