High current source can be used in different applications in laboratory or industrial process.

As a test power supply for control or metrology we use variable autotransformers that keep the sinusoidal voltage supply and do not induce harmonic distortions on the mains power or the output.

Used in an industrial production process, the source should be able to operate continuously 24h / 24h without external intervention.
The power electronics can replace the variable autotransformer to remove the mechanical movements and reduce maintenance.
A power filter will make the whole compatible with the applicable EMC standard.

Aging Bench

Power supply 6VAC 1500A and +/-1VDC 100A

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Electrical aging bench

Short circuit test

Transformer 12-25-50kA

Loading inductance

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Short-circuit test transformer

Circuit-breaker tester

Circuit-breaker tester 24V 320A

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Test power supply 320A +loads

Current injection transformer

Injection transformer without secondary.

Thousands of kA.

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Current injection transformer-10V-2000A
  • Test and Measurement
  • Industrial cooking, heat treatment
  • Electrolysis

High Current Source Pictures Gallery