Circuit-breaker tester 24V 320A

This three-phase power supply coupled to a load bank achieves the low-voltage switch gear tests according to the appropriate standards in their different modes of operation.
The equipment may include the recordings of temperature and the timing of the reaction time.
The monitoring software connected via a Bluetooth link allows editing the test programs and the recording of test reports.

  • 24V hold voltage by the load bench
  • Current regulation from 0 to 320A
  • Current withstanding test
  • Overload tripping
  • Differential tripping
  • Heating measurements
Test power supply 320A +loads

Standards :

IEC 60947-2: Low-voltage switchgear – Part 2: Circuit breakers
IEC 60947-3: Low-voltage switchgear – Part 3: Switches, disconnectors, switch-disconnectors and fuse-combination