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You knock the right door


To be useful: Bring our expertise and know-how to offer you the right solution.

Meeting challenges: search, collaborate, innovate, improve and enrich each other.

To do well: because our products are a showcase of our company and of ourselves.

To participate: Promote the “Made in France” and the European quality.

What we do

Since 1983, TRANSFO. Industrie designs and manufactures high voltage components and systems for industry and research.

By imposing the most stringent safety, precision and reliability constraints on our systems, we cooperate with our customers to improve the quality in safer working conditions.

Integrated into high-tech assemblies, our products enable the creation of particle beams, lasers or HF power sources.
We are proud to count among our customers the research laboratories and the high-tech industries that carry the technologies of the future. We bring them our share of inventiveness.

Actors of a sustainable development, we participate in the implementation of ecological solutions such as electrofiltration, UV sterilization or electrostatic impregnation, which tend to reduce energy consumption and pollution.

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You will not find standard products, we offer custom made, at the best price.


With listening and understanding of your problematic we help you to define the expression of the need.

By calculation and numerical simulation we verify the proposed solutions.

By preparing a technical file beforehand we plan a quality manufacturing with a feedback support to the design office.

We ensure quality control and traceability of critical components throughout production.

We record the tests for a controlled follow-up of the product.

We support you in its implementation and provide our services throughout its lifetime.

For Who ?

Manufacturers of electrical equipment. For their production control or their research and development laboratories

Energy and transport companies. For qualification tests, the entry control.

Public research laboratories. For physics experiments or tests on new materials.

Environmental industries. For decontamination of fumes, decontamination of water.

“TRANSFO Industrie provides solutions to the development and production of non-standard products.”