TRANSFO. Industrie support you in your effort to research and development.

We establish a real partnership with our customers to develop the products fitting exactly to their needs : High voltage power supplies, low voltage power supplies, pulse transformers, chokes and load benches, measuring or switching components…

When performance requirements, features or even cost do not correspond to any standard product, please send us your specifications.

Specific Components and Power Supplies Pictures Gallery

  • Automatism, customized electronics
  • Electronic tubes burn-in station
  • Radiology HV generator with filament heating
  • Dicharge relay, automatic grounding
  • Anti-corona rings and bowls
  • Switching matrix
  • Pulse transformers
  • Choke absorber
  • Test electrodes, oil bath
  • High energy physics, particles accelerators
  • Radiology, test and processing of electronic tubes
  • Broadcasting, radio, radar, TV emitters, HF modulators
  • Vacuum welding, electron guns
  • Electrolyze, ozone production, electrostatic filters
  • Traction, electromagnetic guns, electromagnets
  • Tests and measurements, R&D