In production works, the low voltage cables must be subjected to various quality controls. For voltage withstand test, continuity test and insulation measurement, we can incorporate into our test system some measuring devices and high voltage relays to significantly improve the productivity by eliminating unnecessary manual operations.
Similarly, a high three-phase voltage source can proceed to the dielectric strength test on the three phases of a cable in a single operation.

In the laboratory, R&D or type tests, the cables must also undergo several tests such as the rising to breakdown, submerged HV test, heating tests, etc.

In all cases the testing facility must ensure the persons safety.

Standards :

BS EN 50395 : Electrical test methods for low voltage energy cables

CEI 62230: Electric cables – Spark-test method –

NF EN 3475-100 : Aerospace series – Cables, electrical, aircraft use – Test methods

ASTM D 4872 : Test Method for Dielectric Testing of Wire and Cable Filling Compounds