The test bench simulates extreme working conditions on the object under test to accelerate its electrical ageing.
The high voltage can be applied permanently for long test time while the high current heating and cooling cycles leads to thermal and mechanical stresses.

Three-Phase Endurance Bench

For type testing on high-voltage cables and accessories, this endurance bench can simulate the stresses of an HTB network over a long test time.

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Banc d'endurance triphasé

Single-Phase Endurance Bench

This type of bench makes it possible to use a control loop without high voltage to regulate the temperature in direct measurement.

It reproduces the conditions of a LV network.

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  • Three phased and single phased systems
  • High voltage regulation
  • HV current threshold
  • Number and duty of heating cycles T on / T off
  • Current regulation for temperature rising
  • Current regulation for temperature stabilization or temperature regulation
  • Measurement and temperature regulation on thermocouple input :
    • direct core temperature measurement on “miror” loop
    • core temperature calculation based on jacket temperature measurement
  • Tests on cables and connectors
  • Type tests on low voltage and medium voltage accessories (underground and aerial junctions, etc.)
  • Qualification tests on molded derivation kits
  • Electrical insulation systems in rotating electrical machines

CEI 61857-1: Electrical insulation systems – Procedures for thermal evaluation – Part 1 : general requirements – Low-voltage

CEI 60034-18-32: Rotating electrical machines – Part 18-32 : functional evaluation of insulation systems – Test procedures for form-wound windings – Evaluation of electrical endurance

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