The isolation transformer is used to power with low voltage equipment that is connected to a high voltage potential that can reach hundreds kilovolts.

In the using of electronic tubes it powers the filament heating which produces the emission of electrons.

In accelerator application it can feed power supplies and equipment located on the high voltage platform.

Depending on the operating voltage and the required power, the isolation system can be air (AN), cast resin (SN) or oil (ON). SF6 is now avoided because it is known as one of the most potent greenhouse gases.

High Voltage Insulation Transformer Pictures Gallery

  • High energy physics, particles accelerators, ion sources
  • Radiology, broadcasting, radio, radar
  • Vacuum welding, electron guns
  • Primary (ex. 230V 50Hz single phase)
  • Secondary (ex. 230V 2kVA continuous duty)
  • Insulation (ex. +60kV DC non pulsed)
  • Conditions of use (ex. mineral oil +10 à +70°C)