We integrate into our high voltage test equipment proven components from reputable brands to offer robustness, quality and precision that you may expect.
When the component does not exist or it doesn’t meet the requirements, then we create it.

Whether in production control or laboratory, we provide a suitable response to the specifications.

See examples here-under that can help to choose a typical configuration.

Mobile High Voltage Test

Hipot Test Set 50kV 100mA

Solution for mobile using.

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Mobile Hipot Tester 50kV 100mA

High Voltage Source

High voltage source 150kV 1A / 75kV 2A.

HV testing equipment.

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HV laboratory equipment

Dielectric Strength Station

Stand alone hipot tester AC 50kV 20mA – DC 70kV 10mA.

A solution for a safe work station.

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Dielectric Strength Tests work station

High voltage multichanel tester.

HV automated tester 4kV 3A

Switching matrix 40 outputs.

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Multi-channel HV tester

Three-phase High Voltage Tester

Three-phase high voltage tester

HV transformer inside 3.8/6.6kV 5A .

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HV 3PH test set 57kVA

Outdoor service

HV test power supply.

High voltage test transformer 75kV 1A.

Railways maintenance and acceptance tests

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DP free test transformer 75kV

Applying a variable high voltage between two points of the object under tests to evaluate the dielectric strength, record the breakdown voltage or check the withstand voltage.
According to the specifications, the equipment can be adapted to measure other parameters such as leakage current, partial discharges or tangent delta.

  • single or three phase systems
  • high voltage DC and / or AC power frequency
  • Regulation of high voltage
  • Fault current threshold
  • cycles Programming: speed, voltage setpoint, hold time,
  • Remote control: digital logic, analog or serial link to PC and supervision
  • Integration of measuring devices: DP, Tangent Delta, Megohmmeter, …
  • Functional options: Switching Matrix, continuity testing, test cage …
  • Other: casters, retention tank, signalization, grounding relay …
  • Test assemblies or electromechanical components such as cables, transformers, switching cells, circuit breakers, alternators, …
  • Type tests or laboratory characterization
  • Automated control on production line

High Voltage Test Equipment Pictures Gallery