Electrical aging bench

This bench is dedicated to electrical aging tests and heating tests on power connection components.

Its principle is to make thermal cycles by passing a regulated alternating current in a test loop.
It also allows injecting positive or negative dc current to make accurate resistance measurements.
It is designed to operate 24/24 for long-term duty in both modes “thermal aging” and “overloads”.

  • Loop voltage up to 6V AC
  • Current regulation from 0 to  1500A
  • Temperature regulation from Ta to 200°C
  • Stabilized measurement current +/- 100A DC
1500 Amps aging bench

Standards :

NF C 33-004: Insulated cables and their accessories for power systems – network connections equipment and air connections of rated voltages 0.6 / 1kV, at least one conductor is insulated – electrical aging test.

NF C 63-061: Low-voltage switchgear – connections for connecting conductors of which at least is isolated and aluminum or aluminum alloy: Rules for electrical testing.

NF EN 50483-5: Test requirements for low voltage aerial bundled cable accessories. Electrical ageing test

CEI 60505: Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulation systems

CEI 61238-1: Compression and mechanical connectors for power cables for rated voltages up to 30 kV (Um = 36 kV) – Part 1 : test methods and requirements

NF EN 61439-1: Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies – Part 1 : general rules
Note: This standard replaces the EN 60439 series without changing the test specifications.